Copy of Agreement to effect a recovery

Scope and Content

Robert Stanley of Gray's inn, Middx., gent.; Hugh Bethell of Ellerton, esq., and Thomas Snawfell of Bilton, gent.
Lands in Womersley: messuage or tenement called the High field; parcel of ground called the Gale, adjoining Womerlsey park; close called Pittcroft or Sherewod close; parcel of ground called Lettle croft, with a spring and wood thereto belonging; close called Kittinges; parcel of ground called Green Acre lands, with the calls thereto belonging; lane or parcel of ground called Highfield Lane; parcel of ground called Tyll field; spring called Robin garths, with its calls; spring called Annott lands; parcel of ground called Cakeless croft and Cakeless croft spring; parcel of ground called the King's lands, with the springs and calls thereto belonging; parcel of ground and woody ground called Maggetts lands and the Sodgells, with the springs thereto belonging; spring called the Hare spring; close called Bell field spring; close called Stewardfall; close now or late in the tenure of Jeffrey Pynder or his assigns; closes called the Stockings, with all the calls and woods thereto belonging.
Stanley possessed the lands in fee tail, and wished to convert them to fee simple. The necessary writ was to be acquired by Michaelmas next, the recovery being to the use of Stanley and his heirs.

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