Assignment of lease

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Edward Talbot of Pontefract, esq.; Henry Frodshame of Whitgift, gent.
Refers to lease made by Jasper Cholmeley, gent., to Nicholas Riccard [dated 8 June 1581] of tithes of corn and hay of Swinefleet (except those of the Kaye Feilde) for 21 years at £13-6-8d per annum. The tithes had been granted by the Queen to Riccard, who had leased them to Cholmeley, who had then leased them back. Riccard had assigned the tithes to George [Talbot], Earl of Shrewsbury, by indenture of 2 March 1582/3. By letters patent of 19 January 1570/1, the Queen had granted rectory of Snaith with perquisites to Nicholas Riccard, for 21 years at £21-14-0d. per annum, the grant being renewed 12 July 1574, for further 21 years after expiration or termination of first lease. By indenture of 2 March 1582/3 Riccard assigned tithes of Reedness and Swinefleet, with 1 messuage and garth, and 1 close pasture called Teith Laith Garth, and 4 beastgates in Reedness Cow Close, with tithes of Ousefleet to Earl of Shrewsbury. Earl had assigned the tithes to John [...]owin, gent., and George Busshell, yeoman, by indenture of 29 December 1583, to own use, and after his death to use of Edward Talbot. By letters patent of 28 July 1584, the Queen leased to Robert Stephenson of Whitgift, Robert Stephenson of Gowle, Robert Pennitherne, John Hide, James Lewying, Nicholas Wressill, Alexander Shirlock, and Peter Northe 1 close of pasture of 14 acres in Whitgift, with Reed Cawsey on south, horse closes to north, Whitgift Broad Lane on west, and closes then in tenure of Henry Frodsham to east, for 40 years. This lease assigned to Edward Talbot, at 14s. per annum, 3 February 1584/5.
Tithes of Reedness and Swinefleet, with close at Whitgift, assigned to Henry Frodsham, paying 40s. per annum to Nicholas Riccard, and 14s. to Queen.

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