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John Hall of Gray's Inn, Middx., esq.; Richard Graham and Richard Bell of Clifford's Inn, London, gents.; John Singleton, citizen and haberdasher of London.
Dykemarsh pasture in the lordship of Snaith, with the [closes] called Gringhope, Rawcliffe wood, Turpine croft, Gromhalls, Brockhurst, Almond head, and Deare croft, which were formerly part of Dykemarsh but had been improved by Henry, duke of Lancaster, with fishing in the dyke from the water leading from Westmouth to the river Aire, being annexed to the honour of Tickhill as part of the manor of Cowick and Snaith.
To be held by Singleton for 27 years from 29 September 1683, and fulfilling covenants and paying rents as set out in original lease.
Abstracts lease of 15 December, 31 Charles II [1679] from queen Catherine of Braganza and her trustees to Graham and Bell. The lands had been leased by queen Henrietta Maria and her trustees to Dorothy Slingsby of London, spinster, by lease dated 1 May 1662, for 21 years following the termination of a lease of 20 March, 9 Charles I [1633/4] to lady Margaret Slingsby, which was in turn for 20 years following the termination of a lease made by king James I under the seal of the duchy of Lancaster, dated 4 December, 9 James I [1611], to Sir Guildford Slingsby, for 21 years from the preceding Michaelmas at rent of £914s. 4d. Graham and Bell were to have the premises for 27 years from 29 September 1683, at rent of £9 14s. 4d. per annum
£300 from Singleton to Hall.
5s. each from Singleton to Graham and Bell.

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