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Richard Bate of Gowdall, yeoman; Michael Pearson of Wakefield, merchant.
2 acres arable in the west field of Snaith, comprising 4 selions, of which 3 are between the lands of the heirs of Thomas Ricard of Snaith on the west, and those now or lately of Thomas Ricard of Cowick on the east, abutting Snaith Marsh to the north, and the road called Dorgate on the south, and 1 selion having the lands now or lately of Thomas Ricard of Cowick to the west, those of Dorothy Skargill, widow, now or lately to the east, and abutting as above. Bate now or lately had the lands of the feoffment of Edward Slingesbie, they being now now or lately in the tenure or occupation of Thomas Smithe.
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