Cuttings relating to RD's death and tributes

Scope and Content

A large bundle of cuttings from local and national British and Irish newspapers and magazines, American publications, and a small quantity of material from elsewhere, including South Africa, Iraq, France, Lebanon and Argentina. They include brief notices of RD's death on 9 June 1958, formal obituaries, tributes and appreciations, as well as reports and articles relating to: the private cremation ceremony at Marylebone, London, on 12 June; the Tribute to RD broadcast BBC radio in June; the memorial service held at St Martin-in-the-Fields on 10 July; RD's last film, The Inn of the Sixth Happiness (including some reviews); the British premiere of the film on 23 November (funds from which established the Robert Donat Memorial Scholarship at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art), and the Hollywood premiere in December; speculation about a posthumous Oscar for RD's role; RD's estate and will; his last home; posthumous television showings of his films; and other brief references to RD.

The vast majority of the cuttings are posthumous, but there are 16 which date from before RD's death. These are principally reports on his last film, his illness and collapse, although there are three cuttings from slightly earlier in the year, reporting on RD's comeback to films.

/143 is an American clipping relating to Robert Frost which was presumably sent in error. Stored with two original envelopes used to house some of the cuttings.


The majority of the cuttings are arranged chronologically. /535-45, however, do not fit into the main sequence, as they were originally bundled loose into the American cuttings book at FRD1/6/3/34. They are posthumous, and relate to RD's death, memorial and tributes, so have been listed with the other cuttings of this nature.