Recordings on open reel tapes

Scope and Content

This sub-class consists of tape recordings which bear some evidence of being posthumous, rather than RD's original tapes made at home. They include: radio broadcasts made after his death, such as the Tribute programme of 1958 and various programmes based on RD's poetry readings which were compiled and introduced by John Donat; posthumous copies of earlier broadcasts made during RD's lifetime; and later copies of RD's own home recordings which were supplied to John Donat for his private use. FRD3/11/1/9-11 in particular appear to be a series of tapes made by the BBC from RD's originals listed in FRD1/11. RD's poetry reading is well represented here, and there is considerable overlap in content with the tapes in FRD1/11.


Each item level description below includes a note of the reference number allocated to the cassette by the North West Sound Archive, which holds master copies of the recordings. These references were in turn based on the original numbering of the recordings, which were listed along with those in FRD1/11 in a numerical sequence from 47 to 78. Where notes describing content were inserted into the original tape cases, these have been removed and are stored with the relevant compact cassette. These notes were largely made after RD's death, and are rough, often brief and sometimes inaccurate records of the content of each tape.

Access Information

All of these recordings are currently closed to readers for copyright reasons.