"Early contracts" file

Scope and Content

A small quantity of correspondence and contracts relating to: RD's work in Frank Benson's company during the 1920s; other repertory work; some of his early London appearances; and a radio play. The material is as follows: 

  • /1 Manuscript note of payments made to RD for his employment in Sir Frank Benson's Company during 1925-1927; on the headed notepaper of the Benson company and signed by the General Manager, A.S. Pigott.
  • /2 Contract between Sir Frank Benson and Gerald Lawrence Ltd, and Robert Donat, engaging RD to perform in The Bensonians Company, commencing on 26 Sep 1927 (25 Aug 1927).
  • /3 Letter to RD from R. Halford Forster, General Manager of The Bensonians company relating to the contract in /2 (22 Aug 1927).
  • /4 Contract between Reandco Ltd and RD, engaging RD to play the part of Cartwright in the play Children of Darkness in the West End, due to open on 1 Oct 1930 (15 Aug 1930).
  • /5 Contract between Barry V. Jackson and RD, engaging RD to play in A Trip to Scarborough at the Malvern Festival 1931 and subsequently in Birmingham and the West End; with compliments slip (27 May 1931).
  • /6-7 Letter to RD from Elsie Marshall of Gordon Harbord theatrical management company, with RD's copy reply, relating to his engagement with Nancy Price at the Savoy Theatre (9 Oct 1931).
  • /8 Contract between the BBC and RD, engaging RD to take the part of 2nd speaker in The Forsaken City to be broadcast on 25 and 26 Feb 1932; with compliments slip (10 Feb 1932).
  • /9 Letter to RD dated 27 May 1931, signed by J.C. Adams of the Daniel Mayer Company, and enclosing a contract confirming RD's engagement to play Jack in The Heir commencing on 1 Jun 1931 (21-27 May 1931).