Disk recording

Scope and Content

Long-playing record entitled Robert Donat: Romantic and Twentieth Century Poems: Robert Donat Reads Selected Poetry (Argo/Decca; ARG 2691-2; PLP 1059); sleeve notes by John Donat. Contents are as follows: Side 1 ('Romantic Poetry'): 'Ode on a Grecian Urn', 'Ode to a Nightingale', and 'When I have Fears' all by John Keats; 'Immortality' by Wordsworth; 'Adonais' [excerpt] by Percy Bysshe Shelley.

Side Two ('Twentieth Century Poetry'): 'From Far from Eve and Morning' and 'On Wenlock Edge' by A.E. Housman; 'The Hill' by Rupert Brooke; 'Spring Offensive' by Wilfred Owen; 'The Death Bed' by Siegfried Sassoon; 'Upon Eckington Bridge' by A. Quiller-Couch; 'Death at Leamington' by John Betjeman; 'The Toys' by Coventry Patmore; 'All that's Past' by Walter de la Mare; 'The Queen's Garland' which consists of: 'On her Reign' (from Henry VIII) by Shakespeare, 'London's Welcome' (from The Coronation Progress, anon.), 'The King of Portugal Describes her State' (from The Battle of Alcazar) by George Peele, 'The Satirist is Charmed by the Queen' (from Every Man Out of his Humour) by Ben Jonson, 'Sir Walter Pleads in Person' (from The Book of the Ocean's Love to Cynthia) by Walter Raleigh, and 'Oracle from a Device' by Robert, Earl of Essex.


Transferred to cassette no. 3.