Photographic copies

Scope and Content

This class consists of recent photographic copies made by John Donat of various items relating to RD. These are as follows: 

  • /1 Copy photograph of RD seated beside some bookshelves.
  • /2 Copy of a poster advertising RD's season at Manchester Opera House in September 1946, with productions of Much Ado About Nothing and Peter Ustinov's The Man Behind the Statue.
  • /3 Copy of a poster advertising RD in Hodson's Red Night at His Majesty's Theatre, Aberdeen; includes a photograph of RD.
  • /4 Copy of a poster advertising the personal visit of Sir Frank Benson and his Shakespearean Company to the Prince's Theatre, Manchester, in May 1925.
  • /5 Copy of RD's bookplate.
  • /6 Copy of a cartoon by Alistair C[ooke, depicting RD, Cooke himself and John Davenport]; inscribed to RD by Cooke; original drawn in 1930.
  • /7 Copy of a cartoon of RD [in The count of Monte Cristo] by J.H. Dowd.
  • /8-9 Two copies of a cartoon by 'Vicky' depicting RD as Benedick in Much Ado About Nothing.
  • /10 Copy of a typescript chart of props and clothing used by RD in his part as Mr. Chips.
  • /11-12 Two prints, one of each half of the emotion chart created by RD for his part in The Citadel [the original chart is at FRD1/13/1].

/1-4 are colour prints; /5-9 are black and white.