Scope and Content

Papers originally stored in a file labelled "Misc. biographies (RD), radio broadcasts, fan club pub". A miscellaneous bundle of papers which includes some of RD's own rough notes, and biographical articles intended for publicity purposes. The material is as follows:

  • /1 Typescript sheet entitled 'Recipe for getting up quickly' by RD (5 Jan 1951).
  • /2 Two copy letters from RD to Jack Worrow at Charter Film Productions Ltd, with which he encloses an amended typescript draft of the article 'Portrait of a Successful Actor: Biography of Robert Donat' (28 Dec 1950).
  • /3 Six-page typescript transcript of an article by W. Macqueen-Pope, entitled 'Thomas Betterton as Hamlet'.
  • /4 Carbon typescript list of religious talks broadcast on BBC radio during Oct 1953-Feb 1954 [presumably relating to RD's research for his role as a parish priest in 1954 film Lease of Life].
  • /5 Three-page typescript extract of part of RD's script for his 1954 Christmas Day radio broadcast.
  • /6 Magazine cutting: a review of RD's recorded readings from T.S. Eliot's Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats.
  • /7-10 Rough manuscript notes (possibly for speeches) by RD.