Photographs file

Scope and Content

A bundle of photographs originally stored in file labelled "Photographs (misc)". The prints are varied and include: photographs of other actors sent and often inscribed to RD (mainly from his Bensonian and repertory days in the 1920s); photographs of scenes from stage productions with which RD was involved; shots taken at official visits and functions attended by RD; and some informal family snapshots. Many of the prints are undated, and any supplied or conjectural dates are noted. All the prints are black and white. They are as follows: /1 Portrait photograph of Miss Elliot C. Mason of the Scottish National Players in the character of 'Mrs Queeny' in the Scottish farce Luiffy; inscribed to "Don" [RD]. /2 Portrait photograph of an actor in costume; inscribed to Don from "Vernon". /3 Portrait photograph of George R. Hagan as 'Verges' in Much Ado About Nothing; inscribed with a message from Hagan on the reverse. /4 Portrait photograph of George R. Hagan; inscribed to Don with a message on the reverse (22 Dec 1926). /5 Portrait photograph in folder of an unidentified man; inscribed from "Billy" (1929). /6 Portrait photograph of a man, inscribed on the reverse to "Julius Caesar" from Alfred Toovy[?] (1 May 1927). /7 Printed postcard depicting a drawing of Sir Frank Benson by R.G. Eves, which advertises Benson's farewell tour on the reverse. /8 Large head-and-shoulders portrait photograph of an actress; inscribed from Margery Phipps-Walker. /9 Large head-and-shoulders portrait photograph of an unidentified young woman. /10 Snapshot of 6 men in sports attire, including Frank Benson (presumably the Bensonian hockey team). /11 Group photograph, presumably a theatre company, which includes RD; inscribed to Mr Donat. /12-15 Four copies of the same photograph showing a scene from a production of Heartbreak House; these have been torn from a longer strip of photographs, presumably proofs for publication [1943]. /16 Photograph of a scene from a play, possibly RD's production of An Ideal Husband. /17 Large photographic print of a scene from a play, probably The Glass Slipper [1944-5]. /18 Commercially produced postcard depicting a photograph of Margaret Halstan and Matheson Lang in Othello; sent to RD with a message from R. Smith (24 Nov 1954). /19-20 Two photographs of RD and others on a visit or official event [late 1930s?]. /21-25 Five photographs of RD and his company taken at Middleton St George RAF base, in the officers' mess [during their ENSA tour of Heartbreak House around military camps in the north of England] (Oct 1943). /26 Photograph of RD meeting Queen Elizabeth, wife of George VI [at the premiere of A Matter of Life and Death at the Empire, Leicester Square on 1 November 1946]. /27-28 Two undated photographs of RD with Glynis Johns; /27 also includes Ann Turner [taken at the Royal Command Film Show on 29 November 1948, where RD took part in the show which accompanied the film Scott of the Antarctic]. /29-30 Two photographs taken at a party on 30 November 1948, the day after the Royal Command Performance; /29 shows RD meeting Fay Allport, Bob Wolff and Sam Eckman; /30 shows RD seated at dinner with Jean Simmons and Stewart Granger. /31 Photograph of RD shaking hands with an unidentified man in a group of 7 people, including two women. /32 Publicity photograph of RD seated by a BBC radio microphone; with a letter dated 5 January 1952 from Mrs P.B. Fraser of the BBC asking whether they can keep this photograph on their publicity files. /33 Publicity photograph of RD in head and shoulders profile pose, wearing light coloured jacket and cravat, and sporting a moustache [late 1930s]. /34-40 Bundle of 7 snapshots taken during a Swiss skiing holiday. /41 Snapshot of Joan Lynam apparently on a picnic. /42-43 Two copies of the same head-and-shoulders portrait photograph of Joan Lynam. /44-46 One negative and two positive prints of a small girl on a beach, identified on the reverse of /1 as "Broadstairs England, aged 6" [possibly Ella Voysey]. /47 Snapshot of a young RD with an unidentified girl in an outdoor location. /48 Snapshot of an unidentified girl with some horses. /49 Small passport-style photograph of a young man, identified on the reverse as "Albert" [possibly the butler of the Donat family from the pre-war period]. /50-51 Two snapshots of the same young woman: in /50 holding a small dog and in /51 dressed in a shepherdess costume. /52 Snapshot of an unidentified young man seated writing at a desk. /53 Snapshot of a seaside view; possibly Polperro, Cornwall, the home of Walter Greenwood.