Bundle of photographs

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  • Reference
      GB 133 FRD1/10/2/1
  • Former Reference
      GB 133 62.
  • Dates of Creation
      [1907 x c. 1930]
  • Physical Description
      72 pieces.

Scope and Content

Large bundle of photographs originally stored together in an envelope labelled "Sepia boyhood". These consist of prints dating principally from 1920s, although there are also some shots of RD as a young boy, and three showing him with his own children. The photographs include both formal stage-related prints and informal family snapshots. Some of the prints have been marked up as proofs for publication. The prints are as follows: /1 Postcard reproduction print of a very young RD, with caption noting that this represents RD's first stage appearance at the age of 2. /2 Original photograph of RD as a young boy aged 5 or 6 with his uncle Sandy; formal studio portrait photograph against seascape backdrop, taken by W.J. Gregson and Co. of 92 Talbot Road, Blackpool. /3 Postcard print of a school group which includes RD as a young teenager. /4-7 Snapshots of John Donat [RD's brother], taken in Canada. /4-5 are dated Sep 1923 and /6-7 date from 1926. /8 Outdoor snapshot of three men [probably RD's brothers in America] with humorous caption (1923). /9 Snapshot of a man and woman identified as Phil and Elizabeth Green (1924). /10-11 Two copies of the same indoor snapshot of RD's father, Ernst. /12 Snapshot of RD's parents, with explanatory caption; taken in America at "Uncle H's" on their first visit (1928). /13 Group snapshot of three individuals, identified as Harry, Bart and Rose at Bethany, Connecticut, USA; taken at Billie's (7 Jun 1928). /14 Snapshot of a family group including Belle, Bart, Betty, Harry, Rosie, Mag, Pat and Billie; taken on 17 Jun 1928 on the same occasion as /13; with caption. /15 Snapshot of a man and woman outside a house, possibly taken at the same period as /12-13 but with no identifying caption. /16 Group snapshot consisting of RD, two other men and a woman; possibly taken during the same period as /13-15. /17-18 Two copies of a snapshot of two adults and 6 children: RD's mother Rose, with one of her sons (probably Philip), two of her grandsons and some of their friends (Jun 1928). /19 Snapshot of a large house and garden, probably the Donat family home in Withington, Manchester. /20 Outdoor snapshot of RD as a young man, with another man identified as Mr Brodbeck. /21-22 Two snapshots of a casually dressed young RD by the sea. /23-24 Two copies of an outdoor snapshot of a young RD with an unidentified girl. /25 Family snapshot showing RD's parents with three boys. /26 Snapshot of an unidentified young man, seated in the snow. /27 Photograph of two unidentified men, possibly dating from an earlier period than the other photographs here. /28 Postcard print of RD with an unidentified man, apparently in sports gear. /29 Snapshot of RD as a young man seated outside a building with an unidentified man. /30 Postcard print of RD [as Hamlet at Leeds in 1922], with a young actress in costume; a duplicate is at FRD1/10/2/2/16. /31-37 Seven prints of RD in various formats but all taken on the same occasion, when RD worked as a pageant Marshal at the Scottish Historical Pageant organised by Frank Benson in Craigmillar (Jul 1927). /38-40 Three prints showing scenes from a play which includes a young RD amongst the cast. /41-43 Three postcard prints of the same formal head and shoulders portrait photograph of RD, probably in his late teens. Taken by Warwick Brookes. /44-45 Two postcard prints of RD in costume, as Hamlet aged 17. Taken by Warwick Brookes (1922). /46 Formal head and shoulders portrait photograph of RD in his late teens or early 20s. Taken by Harold Baker of Birmingham. /47-48 Two head and shoulders postcard prints of RD (probably in his early 20s). /49-56 Postcard prints of RD as Orlando in As You Like It with Frank Benson's company; some include explanatory captions on the reverse (1926). Duplicates at FRD1/10/2/2/18-19. /57 Larger poor quality reproduction of a photograph of RD as Orlando, as in /49-56. /58 Similar large format poor quality reproduction of a teenage RD in jacket and shorts; identified on the reverse as RD aged 15 "as a boy reciter". /59 Full-length snapshot of RD as a young man in an outdoor location, holding a dog. /60 Mounted head and shoulders portrait photograph of RD aged 18. Taken by Warwick Brookes' Studio, 351 Oxford Road, Manchester [1923]. /61-64 Four copies of the same mounted head and shoulders portrait photograph of RD in costume (possibly in Frank Benson's company during the 1920s). /65 Head and shoulders portrait photograph of RD in open necked shirt, aged 24; marked up as a proof copy for publication [1924]. /66 Postcard head and shoulders portrait print of a young man, inscribed to RD from Grenville. /67 Photographic print of young man in costume, identified on the reverse as German actor Alexander Moissi as Hamlet. By Kolliner of Vienna. /68 Enlarged reproduction of the print of RD and his uncle Sandy in Blackpool as in /2; marked up as a proof copy. /69-71 Three snapshots of RD on a skiing holiday with two of his children; all marked up as proof copies. /72 Typescript poem which was stored in the same envelope as the photographs, entitled 'To Robert Donat, July 1919', and hailing RD's youthful acting talents.