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Created under the Local Government Act, 1894, and superseded the part of the Chipping Norton Rural Sanitary District which was in Oxfordshire (see F A Youngs 'Guide to the Local Administrative Units of England' for a list of parishes)

Under the Oxfordshire Review Order, 1932, the district was expanded to include the parishes within Woodstock District Council which was abolished

There were further minor changes in parish and district boundaries

Chipping Norton RDC was abolished in 1974 under the Local Government Act, 1972, its area being absorbed into the new West Oxfordshire District

In common with other rural and urban district councils, amongst its many responsibilities Chipping Norton RDC was responsible for public health, housing, rating, planning, building regulations, water supplies, sewerage, some roads, and (during World War Two) billeting of evacuees

in addition to the main records of the District Council, the collection includes the surviving records of its predecessor, Chipping Norton Rural Sanitary District (RDC9/1), and associated organisations, Chipping Norton & District & Woodstock Joint Regional Planning Committee (RDC9/5) and North Central Oxfordshire Assessment Committee (RDC9/6)

The collection was originally catalogued as Chipping Norton RDC (CNRDC) (accession numbers 1125, 1351, 1572, 1616, 1620, 1622)

re-catalogued by Della Fredericks and Chris Gilliam with additional records from accessions: 3633, 4367, 4633, 4634, 4670

date completed: July 2011

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