Scripts and Abstracts

Scope and Content

This series contains three full scripts, Les Extremes du Coeur [The Extremes of the Heart], La Fête du Protecteur, [The Protector's Birthday] and Roseliska Ou Amour Haine et Vengeance [Roseliska or Love, Hatred or Revenge], in French which were performed by a group of French prisoners held at Portchester Castle.

These scripts are original pieces created by the French prisoners. The seven remaining documents provide detailed abstracts or plot summaries of the theatricals performed by a group of French Prisoners at Portchester Castle. These abstracts of plot presumably were to inform Captain Charles William Paterson that the men were not performing anything subversive. The plot summaries refer to original works created by the French prisoners as well as well-known pieces from the time such as René Charles Guilbert de Pixerécourt's play Cœlina ou l’Enfant du mystère [Coelina, or The Child of Mystery] written in 1800. The abstracts are written in the hand of Pierre Charles Limozin.


This series has been arranged into scripts and abstracts and then alphabetically by title of the play.