Letter from Limozin to Captain Charles William Paterson

Scope and Content

This item is a letter from Limozin, a French prisoner held at Portchester Castle, to Captain Charles William Paterson. Limozin informs Captain Paterson that he is one of the wounded who hopes to be returned to France, he has an injured left hand. In addition, his wife, who was pregnant, died in childbirth leaving his three children motherless and looked after by a struggling sister-in-law. Limozin has heard no word from them since being wounded and captured by the Spanish. He asks Captain Paterson to facilitate his return to France. His letter provides biographical details about Limozin - his full name is "Pierre Charles Limozin", he is 40 years old ["âgé de 40 ans"], and he was a sergeant major of the first regiment of the Paris guard ["sergent [sic] major au 1er Regt. De La Garde de Paris"].