Roseliska Ou Amour Haine et Vengeance by Lafontaine and Mouillefarine, script

Scope and Content

This item is a forty-two page script for Roseliska Ou Amour Haine et Vengeance [Roseliska or Love, Hatred or Revenge], melodrama in three acts, written in French. It is written by Lafontaine and Mouillefarine, two French prisoners at Portchester Castle. After the title, there is a dedication to Paterson. The main characters include Stanislaw, Polowitz, Polinski, Metusko, Hokinski, Caske, Walko, Unofficial Sarland, Roseliska and Fresca. They were played by the French prisoners: Lafontaine, Blin, Revendy, Mouillefarine, Godele, Breton, Palluel, Sintor, Sutas and Grintgens. The play is set in Poland and was written for a group of French prisoners to perform in Portchester Castle.