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Duns Tew is a village in the north of Oxfordshire, lying almost halfway between Oxford and Banbury. It was united with the parish of North Aston between 1921 and 1977. Since 1977, it has been united with Westcote Barton, Steeple Barton and Sandford St. Martin.

The parish records of Duns Tew have been deposited at various times. There were three deposits at the Bodleian Library in 1959 (from the Dashwood family), 1975 and 1981 from Kirtlington P.C.C.), and a fourth one, directly with Oxfordshire Archives, in 1995 (which was given the Accession Number 4019). Appendix I lists the contents of each deposit; Appendix II is a concordance between old and new references.

Catalogued by Robin Darwall-Smith in March 1996.

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