Scope and Content

Grey clothbound album labelled 'Press Cuttings' on front cover, with additional material. The majority of the cuttings have been pasted onto the pages of the album, and largely comprise reviews of Harold Blundell's novels extracted from various newspapers. The album originally contained loose press cuttings and additional material (31 pieces) which have now been placed in a separate file alongside the album (BLU/5/3, 2 of 2), although the articles relate to Harold Blundell in only a few instances here. The file also includes a synopsis of a paper presented to the Rochdale Literary and Scientific Society by Harold Blundell on 30 January 1948 entitled 'The Problem of Leisure', a letter from an unknown correspondent at Martins Bank to Harold Blundell dated 3 November 1948 enclosing an article about Blundell clipped from The Observer, a theatrical programme for a chronicle play of the Brontë family presented by Prestbury Dramatic Society featuring Harold Blundell as the Reverend Patrick Brontë autographed on the reverse cover by the cast, a piece of headed paper with the logo of Martin's Bank Ltd, Rochdale, dated 25 August 1947, containing a circular display of signatures, 5 small black and white photographic prints of a stage scene, a frayed copy of a publisher's agreement between Harold Blundell and W. & G. Foyle Ltd dated June 1941 for his book Littlejohn on leave, and a glossy black and white print of a portrait of Harold Blundell, alias George Bellairs, by William Hoggatt, R.I.