Scope and Content

File of correspondence, mainly from World Distributors (Manchester) Ltd, publishers, Grosvenor House, All Saints, Manchester to Harold Blundell, with related material. The letters were written by a number of correspondents within the organization, but mainly by John Pemberton, Executive Director, and E.A. Partington, of the Royalties Department, and Allan Folly, Publications Manager. The letters deal with publishing matters relating to foreign editions of Blundell's works, the selling of foreign rights and the interest in World Distributor's German agent, Mr Weid of Munich, in his work, and there are also a number of royalty statements enclosed with the correspondence. There is also correspondence between persons within the organization which has been retained within the file as it relates to Blundell's literary affairs with the company, which was probably forwarded to him for reference during his dealings with the firm.