Scope and Content

Black leatherbound file labelled 'Temple Bar Loose Leaf Book. Made in England', containing loose press cuttings (69 sheets), plus additional material. The sheets were stored inside the file prior to cataloguing but had become detached from the spine, and have been transferred to a new file with the old black file stored loosely within. Most of the cuttings comprise articles written by Harold Blundell for various newspapers and relate to a diverse range of subjects, including rail travel, photography, his travels in Europe, and the Christmas season. There are also a number of short stories in which Blundell narrates the day by day life of a different profession, for example 'The Mystery of a "Topper" by A Bank Messenger', most of which were published in the Liverpool Express during the 1930s, as well as the Daily Mirror and Manchester Guardian. After the press cuttings there are enclosed 8 cuttings depicting fine art prints taken from an unknown edition of The Connoisseur, pp. 103-8, 213-20 and back cover (8 sheets), black and white images of antique furniture, ceramics and the like cut from magazines and sale catalogues mounted on lined sheets of paper (31 sheets) and black and white and colour art prints mounted on paper or card (28 sheets). There is also a small watercolour colour illustration of squirrels in a tree, initialled 'P.E.O.' (1 sheet).