Scope and Content

2 files of undated lecture notes compiled by Harold Blundell, with additional material.

BLU/4/3/1 comprises 33 pieces, and includes notes for a Thomas de Quincey Memorial Lecture entitled 'Murder Among Friends'; note cards for a lecture on the Elizabethan detective, Sir Francis Walsingham, and further notes for public lectures entitled 'Murder for Pleasure', 'Writing for Fun', 'Writing Thrillers for Fun', 'Sweet Land of France'; plus cards and papers bearing additional notes and jottings. Also included in this file are amended typescript notes entitled 'Mannin Veen' on the history and folklore of the Isle of Man; typescript copies of what appear to be draft articles entitled 'Ellanbane. The Old Home of Miles Standish' and 'The Mystery of Buck Whaley'; a cutting from Chambers's Journal, no. 546, pp. 641-4, including an article by Blundell entitled 'The Finish of the Wolfe Tone'; a typescript of a play by Con West entitled 'The Fred Karno Story'; a letter from Francis Iles to Harold Blundell dated 20 November 1952; a page of untitled verse, first line 'Ta aile meeley jannoobry millish'; a letter from Beryl Chadwick, Assistant Secretary of Heywood Townswomen's Guild, dated 29 November 1956 asking Blundell if he can give a talk at a guild meeting; and a letter from a William of the Manchester Luncheon Club at Manchester Chamber of Commerce dated 18 January 1961, thanking him for an enjoyable talk the previous day, and congratulating him for receiving a good audience.

BLU/4/3/2 comprises 25 pieces, and includes notes for public lectures entitled 'Making a Book' (with a covering letter dated 12 February from C. Howroyd of Port Erin, Isle of Man, correspondent for The Courier, offering an alternative title 'Writing a Book'), 'Medical Truants' (with a covering letter dated 17 October 1966 from Dr Richard Stone of Manchester regarding Blundell's forthcoming address), 'The Growth of a Book', 'Crime Does Pay', 'Murder Among Friends', and 'Murder in Fact and Fiction'; a typescript address entitled 'The Public Library Service', dated 19 September 1973; and notes written on pieces of card and paper. Also included is a letter dated 28 January 1947 from John Gifford Ltd to Harold Blundell regarding tax deducted for 1946 by the MacMillan Company; a cutting from Wine and Food (Winter 1950), pp. 211-16, including an article by Blundell entitled 'The Sorrows of a Criminologist'; an extract from the Sunday Times for 10 June 1962; a small cash book detailing various expenses for the years 1968-1969; a letter from Harold Blundell to John dated 20 July 1969 regarding large print editions, Tycoon's deathbed and French editions with historical notes jotted in the back pages; and an illustrated French greetings card.