Scope and Content

Black album of press cuttings with additional material. The main album comprises reviews of Blundell's literary works taken from various publications, many of which are marked with little slips bearing the logo of the press cuttings agency, Romeike & Curtice Ltd of Chancery Lane, London, along with the title and issue from which the articles were extracted. The album originally contained loose press cuttings and additional material (207 pieces) which have now been placed in a separate file alongside the album (BLU/5/5 2 of 2). The file contains mainly press cuttings of reviews of Blundell's work, plus five enclosed letters, including fanmail dated 1956-1957, a letter dated 1 November 1956 from Francis Iles announcing his appointment as a critic at the Manchester Guardian, another letter dated 10 January 1957 from Mona May Farrell of North Shore, Victoria, Australia to The Trinity Press, Worcester and London, regarding a genealogical enquiry concerning her ancestors from the Isle of Man in reference an inscription in the flyleaf of his copy of Blundell's, Half-mast for the deemster to the Isle of Man, and a letter dated 28 September from W.F. Haynes of Heywood Boys' County Secondary School thanking Blundell for his visit.