Scope and Content

Green album of press cuttings with additional material. The main album pages solely comprise stories submitted to the Manchester Guardian during the period 1948-1960 while he was employed as a freelance correspondent, including titles such as 'The Beer Mug', 'Monsieur Joliclerc', 'The Man in Room 13' and 'Hero of the Resistance', and echo the content of the loose press cuttings file BLU/5/2. The album originally contained loose press cuttings and additional material (130 pieces) which have now been placed in a separate file alongside the album (BLU/5/4, 2 of 2). The press cuttings themselves refer more to Harold Blundell with reviews of his literary works, and are marked with little slips bearing the logo of the press cuttings agency, Romeike & Curtice Ltd of Chancery Lane, London, along with the title and issue from which the articles were extracted. The file also includes a letter from the Deputy Editor of the Manchester Guardian, dated 21 November 1956, regarding copyright on articles published in 1951, a letter from Dr William Brockbank to Blundell dated 8 July 1957, an advertisement from Books of the Month, dated April 1956, for Harold Blundell's Death treads softly, and what appear to be journal or book extracts. The first is entitled 'The Red Flag', pp. 171-84, and bears the stamp of Transatlantic Literary Features, New York. The second is entitled 'The Cure's Boots', pp. 200-9 by Harold Blundell (2 pieces).