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Stoke Row is a village in the southern corner of Oxfordshire, not far from Henley. Until 1849 it was part of the parish of Ipsden, when it became a separate parish, with land transferred to it from the other neighbouring parishes of Mongewell and Newnham Murren. In 1981, Stoke Row was united with Checkendon, Woodcote, Ispden and North Stoke to form the parish of Langtree.

The parish records of Stoke Row were originally deposited with the Bodleian Library in 1980 and 1982 (it is not possible to work out which records were deposited when). An Appendix provides a concordance for old and new reference numbers. Further deposits were made in 2006 under accession number 5488 and 2019 under accession number 6776.

Recatalogued by Robin Darwall-Smith in July 1996. Additions by Katherine Kinrade, August 2019.

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