Scope and Content

Many of these papers concern the

problems of a stipend for the living.

Stoke Row was, as mentioned in the

Introduction, formed from parts of the

parishes of North Stoke with Ipsden,

Newnham Murren (which was attached to

the preceding) and Mongewell, and it was

agreed that the vicars of these parishes

should make over part of their stipend

to Stoke Row in proportion to the size

of land transferred there. This system

did not always work, and all attempts to

get more money, especialy via St. John's

College, Cambridge (who owned the living

at Ipsden) did not work. Many of the

letters of Rev. Arrowsmith in PAR256/9/C1 above are concerned with this


The papers also include plans and

elevations for the Stoke Row parsonage.