'The Book of Remarks of William Storr of Scalm Park 1678-1731' with 19th century additions

Scope and Content

A commonplace book containing the customs of the manor of Wistow 1711; rents due to the archbishop 1710-1711; list of landowners with a valuation of their lands 1712; account of receipts (mostly for sale of animals) at Beckingham 1823-1824; valuation of fixtures at Beckingham Park 1823; note on roads and paths in Cawood and Wistow early 18th century; mathematical notes and tables early 18th century; miscellaneous notes on weather, natural phenomena, famous men, foreign lands etc., early 18th century; remedies for various human illnesses early 18th century; acreage in the woods early 18th century; remedies for animals early 18th century; notes on the family and on their farming activities, early 18th century.

Acquisition Information

The volume was deposited at the Borthwick Institute in December 1983.


Extracts from Mr Storr's book have been printed in the Yorkshire Archaeological Journal vol. VII (1881-2), pp.44-62

Additional Information