Draft conveyance

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Joseph Checketts of Besford, Worcester, of the 1st Part, James Andrews of Pershore, Worcester, grocer of the 2nd part, Jane Warrington of Sedgeberrow, Worcester, widow, Charles Smith Hudson and Alfred Ricketts Hudson, both of Wick nr. Pershore of the 3rd part, Henry Hudson of Wick, gentleman, the said James Andrews and William Salsbury of Pershore of the 3rd part, Henry Hudson of Wick, gentleman, the said James Andrews and William Salsbury of Pershore, shoemaker of the 4th part, Susanna Phipps of Sladbury, Worcsester, widow, and Edwin Ball of Pershore, gentleman, of the 5th part, Nathaniel Hartland of Cheltenham, Gloucsestershire (one of the company called the Gloucestershire Banking Co.) of the 6th part, Bentley Mansell of Kemerton, Gloucsestershire., yeoman, of the 7th part, Anne Perkins of Pershore, widow, of the 8th part, the said Edwin Ball and Alfred Ricketts Hudson of the 9th part, Henry Perrott of Stratford-on-Avon, Warwickshire, of the 10th part, Caroline Luckock of Edgebaston nr. Birmingham of the 11th part, Mary Lavinia Perrott of Stratford-on-Avon and of Clifton, nr. Bristol, widow, of the 12th part, William Richardson of York of the 13th part.
Whereas Andrew Perrott of London, merchant, being siezed of a lease from the Prebendary of Osbaldwick,for several lives, by will dated 9 August 1788, devised all his freehold and leasehold estates of the manor of Osbaldwick, to the use of his brother George Perrott, apothecary of York with remainder to his children, then to Thomas Perrott of Middx. and intail male. Whereas Andrew died about January 1793 and George died without issue on 8 Dec. 1799. Thomas Perrott entered the estate and by indenture, dated 12 May 1842 between the said Thomas and the Revd. George Parry Marriott, Prebendary of Osbaldwick, renewed the lease of all the demesne lands and tithes belonging to the Prebend. By an indenture made 20 December 1842 with the consent of all interested parties, the entail was nullified should Thomas Perrott die without heirs male. Whereas Edward Thomas Perrott became siezed of the estate and raised several mortgages (dated) to the parties listed above this indenture, in consideration of the sum of X2,850 paid by William Richardson to James Andrews at the request of Mary Lavinia Perrott, the parties named in 1-12 conveyed all these lands, tenements both freehold and copyhold appertaining to the Prebend of Osbaldwick, except for the advowson of Gate Helmsley and the spiritual jurisdiction, and all that manor house of Osbaldwick with c.143a. adjoining, 37 perches at Gate Helmsley, a farm at North Newbald with c.245a. to William Richardson and his heirs for remainder of leasehold.

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