Victorian Photograph Album

Scope and Content

These comprise a Victorian photograph album, and material related to health.
'Cartes de Visite' are small photographs on thin paper, pasted onto a thicker mount card incorporating photographer's details. They were the most popular type of photographs between the 1860s and 1880s. This is a typical example of a carte de visite album, with a tooled embossed album cover, and pages decorated with coloured scenes and designs. This accumulation of 94 photographs is also absolutely typical of the time: most were family photos but one or two of famous people/scenes are also included. They all date from the 1860s-1890s period (many are 1860s-1870s), and a significant number are photographs taken by York photographers.
The York photographers comprise: - F. Auguste and Co. of York; T. Brooks of Spurriergate; Brooks Brothers of Micklegate H. Browne of Blake Street; M. Cuthbert of Davygate; W. Eskett of Lendal; G. Fawcett of Gillygate; W.F. Giaisby of Coney Street; W.T. and R. Gowland of Lendal; W.T. and R. Gowland of Ogleforth; T. Groves of Micklegate; W. Hardman of Micklegate; A. Mabalski of Goodramgate; W. Monkhouse of Lendal; T. Spencer of Fossgate; Thwaites of York; R. Wright of Spurriergate.
There are also photographs taken by photographers elsewhere. The annotations in the album look later, and may have been made by Miss Carter: they identify some members of the Swalwell family. A very few photos have contemporary annotations on the back. Many of the photographs, however, are unidentified. The photographs have been removed from the album and numbered according to their place in the album; they are now boxed separately. This has been done so that the details of photographers and other annotations can be viewed, as well as for better conservation. A full list of the photographs has been made and is stored with the box of photographs and album.

Additional Information