Letter from Rev. James Robson to Captain Ness of the 71st Light Infantry

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Letter dated 16 December 1814 from Reverend James Robson of Stockton on Tees to Captain Ness of the 71st Light Infantry, recruiting at Inverness, Scotland. The letter discusses possible purchase of the advowson of Sleights, whose incumbent is 'in a very precarious state of health'.


Note: in fact the incumbent, Joseph Robertson, lived on for another ten years and the sale seems to have come to naught. Robertson was licensed as perpetual curate on 10 Feb. 1781 (Inst. AB 15, p. 290) and the next incumbent was licensed on 5 Nov. 1824 on the occasion of Robertson's death (Inst AB. 19, p. 135). The patron in 1824 was John Walker the elder of New Mahon, Esq.

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