Letter from C. Molyneux to Lady Wylstrope

Scope and Content

Letter from C. Molyneux to Lady 'Wylstrope'. The letter has no date or identifying information except for the names of the sender and recipient.
An extract of the letter reads: ' ... for otherwyse my very good Lady yor p[re]tended Love towardes me wilbe to my distruccion and utter over throwe wch I veryly beleve yow will not seeke or desier to me whow wisheth yo[w] all good fainedly. I beseche you consither how justly I have delt with you in all thinges, how giltles I am of any cryme obiected against me, and then, accordinge to your goodnes lett me recover my iust desert at your handes ...'.

Acquisition Information

The letter was presented to the Borthwick Institute on 22 March 1954.

Additional Information