Lease for 99 years

Scope and Content

Lease for 99 years 6 July 1694.
Parties: 1) Hugh Carter of York, gent. and Margaret his wife. 2) Charles Redman of York, merchant.
Property: 'all that Lesser Messuage or Tennement [in St Saviourgate] with the appurtenances being formerly part of the said Messuage or Tennement and premises before mentioned but now taken out and distinguisht from the same. Containing a wainescoted parler looking into the street with a Closett belonging to it, a Kitchin backward behinde the said parler, Two Chambers are over the parler and the other over the Kitchin with a Closett between the two Chambers and a Studdy looking into the garden with a garrett over the Kitchin Chamber looking into the garden, a back Kitchin with a pantrey at the end of it and in the yard faceing the back Kitchin window a house for Coales and Turfes with a house of office and a place to riddle ashes into, and all that garden behinde the house of office taken out of the great garden (as the said lesser house was taken out of the great house) parted from the other garden with a Trellice or Codling hedge in length about Twenty yards and in breadth about seaven yards', adjoining a house and garden of Christopher Hutton on the one side and.on the other the great house and garden of Hugh Carter and Margaret his wife, owners of both houses
Consideration: £60

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