Scope and Content

Presented in a number of sequences: scientific correspondence arranged alphabetically by correspondent and covering the period 1922-1995, a chronological sequence of shorter correspondence, 1914-1995, and a small group of references and recommendations, 1957-1984. There is significant correspondence and related material with colleagues and collaborators such as R.A. Lyttleton and M. Shimshoni and individual items or brief exchanges with major figures of an earlier generation such as A.S. Eddington and Ernest Rutherford. Correspondence after Jeffreys's death in 1989 is with Lady Jeffreys who may also appear as a correspondent before that date. Lady Jeffreys actively sought to assemble Jeffreys's correspondence from a variety of sources including colleagues and their families. For example, Desmond King-Hele passed to Lady Jeffreys his correspondence with Jeffreys, 1961-1989, and Dorothy Stoneley gave to her Jeffreys's letters to Robert Stoneley, including undated letters, probably from the 1920s and 1930s. Almost all the K.E. Bullen and R.A. Fisher correspondence with Jeffreys presented here is photocopied material made available by academic archives in Australia, the Universities of Sydney and Adelaide, respectively

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