Debenham, correspondence with Charcot

Scope and Content

  • MS 1580/2/1;D Letter 2 May 1933 [Character reference for Roberts, Lack and Bertram] Typescript Carbon copy
  • MS 1580/2/2;D Letter 20 September 1933 [Thanks for goodwill shown towards Roberts, Lack and Bertram] Carbon copy, typescript
  • MS 1580/2/3;D Letter 23 October 1933 [Requesting report of Polar Year and Pourquoi-Pas? expedition for The Polar Record, also back copies of reports] carbon copy, typescript
  • MS 1580/2/4;D Letter 27 October 1933 [Giving particulars of Roberts Bertram and Lack, and to accompany account of British Polar Year expeditions] Carbon Copy typescript
  • MS 1580/2/5;D Letter 30 October 1933 [Thanking for reports] Carbon copy typescript
  • Ms 1580/2/6;D Letter to Tresorier du Comite, 7 November 1933 [Letter to accompany subscription to fund for J-B Charcot's medal]
  • Ms 1580/2/7;D Letter 30 November 1933 [Outlining John Rymill's plans and asking Charcot's assistance for him] carbon copy, typescript
  • MS 1580/2/8;D Letter 20 April 1934 [Giving details of Plankton nests] carbon copy, typescript

Administrative / Biographical History

Correspondence with fellow polar explorer Jean Baptiste Charcot on Antarctic Exploration and polar personalities.



Related Material

From GB 015 Jean Baptiste Charcot:

  • MS 1580/1/1;D 8 October 1930 [Mentions Polar Year, visits to Stockholm and Copenhagen]
  • MS 1580/1/2;D 1 May 1932 [Regarding details of stations, operations and personnel for Polar Year]
  • MS 1580/1/3;D 29 October 1932 [Commenting on the death of Gino Watkins] Typescript copy
  • MS 1580/1/4;D 5 May 1933 [Proposed details of Pourquoi-Pas? and Pollax itineraries, personnel]
  • MS 1580/1/5;D 28 September 1933 [Praising Brian Roberts, Colin Bertram and D. Lack]
  • MS 1580/1/6;D 22 October 1933 [Regarding Roberts, Bertram and Lack]
  • MS 1580/1/7;D 27 October 1933 [Regarding Polar Year mission and Pourquoi-Pas?
  • MS 1580/1/8;D 1 November 1933 [Thanking for details of Roberts, Bertram and Lack and for account of British Polar Year work]
  • MS 1580/1/9;D 3 December 1933 [Assuring Debenham of help to be given to John Rymill]
  • MS 1580/1/10;D 14 April 1934 [Requesting information on plankton nets described in Discovery reports]
  • MS 1580/1/11;D 22 April 1934 [Thanks for information]
  • MS 1580/1/12;D 15 May 1934 [Outlining plans for forthcoming season]
  • MS 1580/1/13;D 10 October 1934 [Plans to come to Cambridge in November]
  • MS 1580/1/15;D 18 June 1935 [Letter to accompany photograph requested by Debenham]
  • MS 1580/1/16;D 10 October 1935 [Letter to accompany official report of Pourquoi-Pas? cruise
  • MS 1580/1/17;D May 1936 [Introduction for Dr Maurice Parat]
  • MS 1580/1/18;D Receipt for donation to subscription for medal for Charcot, 9 November 1933