Deed of Gift

Scope and Content

Gift by Nigel, son of Nigel de Langeford, to Michael de Langeford of 3 acres in Langeford [Longford] towards La Wodehouse, 4½ acres in Burleg', 4 acres with part of a croft and headland outside Michael's messuage, 1½ acres in the meadows of Longeford, and his capital messuage, and also the homage of Thomas Utereingh; rent: 12d. yearly, doing suit at Nigel's court of Langeford. Hiis testibus Domino Petro de Bakepuz, Domino Roberto de Perrers, Henrico de Mapelton, Stephano de Irton, Henrico le Foun, Willelmo de Longeford, Roberta le Foun, et aliis.


Summary description in Isaac Herbert Jeayes, Descriptive catalogue of Derbyshire charters in public and private libraries and muniment rooms (London: Bemrose, 1906), no. 1563.