Northern Ireland datasets held at the UK Data Archive

Scope and Content

Large-scale Northern Ireland datasets designed to provide a nationally representative sample of the population of Northern Ireland include:

  • Continuous Household Survey (CHS) (UK Data Archive generic study number 33260 - data held for 1985 onwards)CHS samples approximately 1% of households in Northern Ireland each year. CHS is modelled on, and is similar in form and content to, the General Household Survey (UK Data Archive generic study number 33090). The main topics covered in this study include education; employment; family information; adult's and children's health; and housing.
  • Northern Ireland Family Expenditure Survey (NI FES) (UK Data Archive generic study number 33240 - data held for 1968 onwards)In the NI FES 1,200 addresses are selected to take part, and a subset of one-fifth of these addresses are included in the UK Family Expenditure Survey (UK Data Archive generic study number 33057)Information is gathered about the household, household and personal incomes, and certain payments that recur regularly (e.g., rent, gas and electricity bills, telephone accounts, insurances, season tickets, and hire purchase payments) and respondents provide a detailed expenditure record for 14 consecutive days. In addition, from 1988 the NI FES contains a question on religion of respondent.
  • Northern Ireland Life and Times Survey (NILT) (UK Data Archive generic study number 33312 - data held for 1998 onwards)The NILT monitors the attitudes and behaviour of people in Northern Ireland. Two modules are repeated every year (Political Attitudes and Community Relations) and the rest of the survey varies annually with all the modules designed to be repeated in years to come. The NILT includes questions on background, rights of the child, public understanding of science, political attitudes, crime and fear of crime, gender and family roles, community relations and religious observance. The NILT is a descendent of the Northern Ireland Social Attitudes Survey (UK Data Archive generic study number 33235) which ran from 1989 to 1996 and which was a sister survey to the British Social Attitudes Survey (UK Data Archive generic study number 33168).
  • Northern Ireland Labour Force Survey (NI LFS) (UK Data Archive generic study number 33314 - data held for 1995 onwards)The questionnaire comprises a core of questions which are included in every survey, together with non-core questions which vary from quarter to quarter. Topics covered include: information about household, family structure, basic housing information and demographic details of individuals in the households, economic activity, income, education and health. The LFS is the biggest regular household survey in Northern Ireland, providing a rich source of information on the labour force using internationally agreed concepts and definitions. The UK Data Archive also holds the Labour Force Survey for Great Britain (UK Data Archive generic study number 33246).

The UK Data Archive 'Geographic Focus - Northern Ireland' web page provides links to other Northern Ireland data resources and links to the catalogue records of other datasets containing Northern Ireland data that are held at the UK Data Archive.

Administrative / Biographical History

The UK Data Archive holds over 200 contemporary and historical datasets with geographical coverage of Northern Ireland at the national or sub-national level. The more recent of these include several large-scale series that areprimarily government funded with the aims of meeting the information needs of government departments in Northern Ireland and providing accurate information about the social and economic conditions, and attitudes and behaviour of the population of Northern Ireland. UK Data Archive also holds a number of datasets covering the United Kingdom that also include data on Northern Ireland.


Component studies of data series are held and supplied separately, usually as annual datasets.

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