Joint Executive Committee minutes (Wives' Fellowship and Senior Wives' Fellowship)

Scope and Content

Minutes date from 13 Jun 1961 to 12 Nov 1998 (agenda only)

Meetings of the Joint Executive were held annually in Nov. Every third year all executive officers attend.

Particular items:

22 Nov 1962 - constitution; magazine; fostering better relations between Wives and Senior Wives

14 Nov 1963 - attitude to non-Christians who would like to become members; towards a smooth passage from Wives' Fellowship to Senior Wives' Fellowship

12 Nov 1964 - National Council of Women representation; justification of certain Senior Wives' branches limiting entry of Wives'; Ceylon branches

11 Nov 1965 - bridge members - confusion in Wives' Fellowship Branches as to which group quotas are paid and who should supply the magazine; National Council of Women representatives

10 Nov 1966 - Central Chair's duties; Ceylon branches; combined branches which do not send representatives to Senior Wives'; Belfast Branch; age limit and large membership of the Senior Wives' Fellowship Branches

9 Nov 1967 - problem of 'associate' wives and 'midwives' (suggested that wives remain until 50); term of office on Central to be 2 or 3 years

7 Nov 1968 - matters arising concerning the prayer book, age ruling; position of Scattered members on Executive; Ceylon (apparently prospering but not in frequent contact)

18 Nov 1971 - future plans for Central meetings; Senior Wives' possible plans for change

16 Nov 1972 - branch meetings and falling numbers; report from St Michael's representative

15 Nov 1973 - Senior Wives' Branches with a few Wives' members; reports of St Michael's and Josephine Butler College

13 Nov 1975 - Diamond Jubilee Annual Day 1976

10 Nov 1976 - clarification of Senior Wives' membership; amendment to constitution

9 Nov 1977 - agenda only

26 Jan 1978 - Senior Wives' Fellowship Executive meeting with Wives' Fellowship Central Chair in attendance

9 Nov 1978 - disposition of proceeds from sale of Josephine Butler House and money in St Michael's account; discussion of joint constitution on best age to bridge and graduate to Senior Wives'; financing of conferences

15 Nov 1979 - definition of a scattered member (limit of 15 miles must be taken as an area outside of which members may be termed as Scattered)

13 Nov 1980 - possible exchange of minutes of Senior Wives' and Wives' Central meetings; possibility of joint representation on Special Committees of National Council of Women

12 Nov 1981 - all-age branches; relationship between the National Council of Women and the Fellowship was unsatisfactory

11 Nov 1982 - possible guidelines for all-age branches; Executive regional 'godmother' scheme

10 Nov 1983 - revision of 'guides to Branch officers'; quota and the constitution; query about starting new branches

8 Nov 1984 - middle-age group branches

7 Nov 1985 - new service book proposal

6 Nov 1986 - definition of a Scattered with regard to the age question; service book and its cost; all-age branches

11 Nov 1987 - review of St Christopher's Hospice as charity supported by Senior Wives'; all-age branches; literature

9 Nov 1988 - all-age branches; 75th anniversary

8 Nov 1989 - constitution; joint Branch Officers' conference; joint annual Day on 9 May 1991; future of Scattered Members

8 Nov 1990 - 75th anniversary in 1991

13 Nov 1991 - constitution and guidelines; joint officers' conference

12 Nov 1992 - constitution and results of the referendum; guidelines for Branches

11 Nov 1993 - constitution proposed amendment re 'age'

10 Nov 1994 - all-age branches; discussion about Wives' and Senior Wives' Conference and its future title

9 Nov 1995 - brief report on the St Christopher's Open Day; all-age Branches (funding for guests at Regional and Fellowship Days); Scattered Members clarification of cluster groups

7 Nov 1996 - all-age branches; clarification of the constitution with regard to marital status and eligibility to stand for Executive positions and Central Chair; joint service to mark the millennium; arrangements for joint conferences; illegal use of addresses

6 Nov 1997 - discussion of events for the Millennium; votes for all-age Branches; updating history of Wives' Fellowship and Service books

12 Nov 1998 - agenda only

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