Senior Wives Fellowship Central Committee Minutes 3

Scope and Content

Minutes date from 27 Feb 1964 to 17 Mar 1976

Some agendas are printed. Some minutes are loose in volume.

27 Feb 1964 - Social Advisory Group to Young People Away from Home

18 Jun 1964 - branch news - problems created by large numbers

Note entitled 'SWF over the years. Its coming of age' 'Words addressed to the Summer Central Meeting held at Tunbridge Wells Jun 1964 by Mrs Heaton'

18 Feb 1965 - discussion of Branch quiet half hours and prayer groups

17 Jun 1965 - running a Branch

15 Jun 1967 - provision of some kind of home for older members

14 Feb 1968 - proposed alteration to constitution; provision of some kind of home for older members (Reports by Mrs Palmer and Mrs Johnson - loose)

5 Jul 1968 - talk by Mrs May Bush, founder member of Bristol which was celebrating its Golden Jubilee; proposed home for SWF old members

12 Feb 1968 - proposed alteration to Constitution

12 Jun 1969 - constitution

11 Feb 1970 - draft constitution - revised preamble to the constitution suggested by sub-committee of Wives' and Seniors'

11 Jun 1970 - statement made by Mrs Hinton at Summer Central relating to Treasurer's report from Spring Central 1970

19 Jul 1972 - report on Fellowship of St Michael's

27 Feb 1973 - group holiday scheme; report of St Michael's new project

6 Jun 1973 - holiday scheme; report of Holy Land Pilgrimage; circular letter to all Branch secretaries and Scattered Members secretaries concerning Holiday Scheme

10 Jul 1974 - discussion of financial proposals followed by voting

16 Apr 1975 - resolution to be voted on at Spring Central Meeting that 'the Branch inviting the Fellowship should have the privilege and pleasure of being entirely responsible for the day's programme....'

17 Mar 1976 - support for St Michael's will be discontinued