Wives' Fellowship Central Committee Minutes 3

Scope and Content

Minutes are loose dating from 21 Feb 1935-29 Oct 1942

Minutes usually have agendas attached and some have programme of events for two-day meetings in the summer

Particular items:

11 Jul 1935 - some manuscript notes - use of balance, suggestions for attracting younger members to branches, closer relationship with overseas branches

2 Jul 1936 - St Albans branch had been holding the Boys' and Girls' Conference for the last 5 years and wished the Wives' Fellowship to take it over

25 Feb 1937 - proposals for closer co-operation with the Girls' Diocesan Association

1 Jul 1937 - consideration for proposed conference for Branch Officers and proposed hostess for Central Meetings

3 Mar 1938 - suspension of age limit rule in the case of the Hospitality Secretary, questionnaire to be sent out by the National Council of Women's Committee on the Nursing Services

16 Jun 1938 - proposed that the Wives' Fellowship should affiliate with the Women's Employment Federation

4 Jul 1939 - affiliation with the Marriage Guidance Council

Typed copies of letters from Mary Dingwall dated 23 Oct 1939 and 24 Nov 1939 concerning the need for branches to keep running and to attend the Central Committee meeting on 9 Nov

22 May 1941 - discussion about whether the Wives' Fellowship should speak with corporate voice if and when some specific Christian issue was at stake

20 Nov 1941 - relationship of the Wives' Fellowship with affiliated societies

18 Jun 1942 - reported that there were now 37 Branches

29 Oct 1942 - Affiliated Societies' Secretary reports