Additional Gustav and Imogen Holst papers

Scope and Content

Material relating to Gustav or Imogen Holst, received from sources other than the Holst Foundation. For papers received from Holst Foundation see sections ref nos. HOL/1-7.

The first seven sections of the Holst Archive were deposited by the Holst Foundation: this eigth section has been added to the Archive. These are papers which did not form part of the original Holst Foundation deposit but have subsequently been added to the archive at the Britten-Pears Foundation from various sources. Much of this is correspondence from Imogen and Gustav Holst, there are also some Imogen Holst manuscripts presumably given by her to friends and now donated back to the collections, as well as other papers deposited by individuals who knew Imogen Holst. These materials complement the Holst Foundation deposit.

Custodial History

Items in section HOL/8 have been deposited from various sources and this section is being added to with new accessions.