[Seven] Folk Songs, H85(1-6)

Scope and Content

By Gustav Holst, probably arranged 1906-1914.

Orchestral parts for songs 1-6, autograph and non-autograph manuscripts [68pp], as follows:

H85(1) parts: Violin I (non-autograph)

H85(1), (2) and (3) parts: Flauti I & II (autograph), Oboi I & II (autograph), Clarinetti I & II (autograph), Faggotti I & II (autograph), Corni I & II (autograph), Trombe I & II (autograph), Bass (non-autograph), Violin I (2 autograph, 2 non-autograph), Violin II (4 autograph, 1 non-autograph), Viola (1 autograph, 1 non-autograph), Cello & Bass (2 autograph, 2 non-autograph)

H85(3) parts: Violin II (non-autograph)

H85(4) parts: Faggotti (non-autograph), Violn I (2 non-autograph), Violin II (2 non-autgraph), Viola (non-autograph), Cello (non-autograph), Bass (non-autograph), Oboes (non-autograph), Clarinets B (non-autograph), Cor. Tp (non-autograph), Flutes (2 non-autograph, in different hands), Voice (non-autograph). Voice part attached to a letter from Imogen Holst to Douglas asking him to sing no.4 with the Thursday orchestra.

H85(5) parts: Violin I (4 non-autograph), Violin II (2 non-autograph), Viola (2 non-autograph), Cello (3 non-autograph), Bass (non-autograph), Trumpets (non-autograph).

H85(5 and 6) parts: Horns in E (non-autograph), Bass (non-autograph), Flutes (non-autograph), Oboes (non-autograph), A Clarinets (non-autograph), Faggotti (non-autograph), Cello (non-autograph), Viola (non-autograph), Violin II (non-autograph), Violin I (non-autograph).

H85(6) parts: Violin I (non-autograph), Violin II (2 non-autograph), Viola (non-autograph), Cello (non-autograph), Timpani (non-autograph), Triangle (non-autograph), Bass (non-autograph).

Please note, where manuscripts are annotated differently, more than one copy has been kept.

Also includes a typescript list of the orchestral parts divided by song title, hand written notes by Howard S. from 1983 on the parts included, and information from the envelopes in which the orchestral parts were stored.

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