Various notes, tables and songs

Scope and Content

File contains a variety of notes, alphabet tables with English transcriptions, songs and word-lists, many unidentified, with some in Persian script and others in Devanagari script. Simon Digby notes that the items are "evidently from the papers of Sir H.M. Elliot", and describes some of the contents as follows:

  • 1) Words in Persian script of a song (thumri) in tan (raga), Bihari
  • 2) 'Ahwal Katorianka' or 'Five Sepoy Kubeers', in Devanagari script, sent to Elliot by Wakefield, and copied down by one of the latter's 'Buchgotees'
  • 3) Word-list in Devanagari script, paper watermarked 1848
  • 4) 'Hakikat Rajmahal', in Devanagari script
  • 5) Four items which appear to be lists or tables of Indian alphabets, one with English transcriptions. Digby notes that the alphabets included are North Indian, namely Kayathi, Shastri and Mahajani
  • 6) One long manuscript in Devanagari script, as yet unidentified, but with English transcriptions in Elliot's hand
  • 7) Six items in Persian script, as yet unidentified, which appear to be tables. On each is what appears to be an official stamp
  • 8) Two rough pages of notes in Devanagari script, written in pencil
  • 9) One slim item, appearing to be a Devanagari word-list
  • 10) Three pages of verse in Devanagari script
  • 11) One page in Devanagari script, appearing to be a word-list

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