Appendices for 'A History of India'

Scope and Content

Four unbound manuscript pages for Elliot's 'A History of India', printed by the Oriental Lithographic Press, Calcutta:

  • Appendices III A and III B: Diagrams depicting unknown, labelled items, probably hill towns, surrounded by notes in Arabic and one other, as yet undeciphered, script.
  • Item labelled 'No.VIII', probably an appendix: Diagrammatic map depicting a town and its buildings, numbered and labelled in Arabic.
  • Item labelled 'No.XV - Number 1': Printed table and map for the 'Village of Mouza Sooltanpoor, Purgunuh of Noh Jheel, Zilla Muttra', labelled in English. The table shows a brief, surveyed description of the area, which includes the number of houses and wells, amount of land covered by buildings, the cost of various items, the general caste of inhabitants, and the depth of water

Geographical Names