Bembe (D54), Miscellaneous

Scope and Content

(i) Formulae involving nominals with nga- (collection of Bemba similes) 48p typescript with handwritten translation. (ii) List of similes with English translation, 3p typescript. (iii) Linguistic features of Bemba kinship terms by Malcolm Guthrie with family tree chart, 4p manuscript, and notes on Bemba family relationships by WMM, 5p typescript, with accompanying memo to Malcolm Guthrie. (iv) Three pupil'' notebooks from Jeanes school, Lusaka, dated 1942, text in Bemba. (v) Examination paper, 1948, 2p typescript. (vi) Ukukula "university" (Founding a university) by Mrs D. S. Irvine, transcript of radio broadcast, dated 22 Jan. 1950, 2p typescript, (incomplete).

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