Lingala (Mangala) (C36d)

Archive Unit

Scope and Content

(Bangi-Ntomba Group): (i) Lingala-French (and French-Lingala) vocabulary with preface, 6p typescript, (incomplete). (ii) Lingala/French phrases, 4p typescript. (iii) Text of 4 SGM booklets: Follow!, Come!, Listen! and Learn!, 26p typescript, and one copy of English booklet Follow!. (iv) Matanda na mai ntomba - collection of Mangala fables and proverbs by pupils and friends of Tondo School, published by ABFMS, 1937, ii+34p+9p, typescript. (v) Mokanda na mibale, notebook of short texts in Lingala with some translated into English, 20p manuscript. (vi) Lifofe (the spider), text, 1p typescript. (vii) Lingala sermon notes, 6p typescript. (viii) Notebook containing Lingala hymns with tonic sol-fa, 13p manuscript. (ix) Four Lingala hymns with literal and idiomatic translation and tonic sol-fa, (words and melody by Malcolm Guthrie), also music edition, arranged by D. K. Rycroft, together with covering note from Hazel Carter to David Arnott, dated 20 Jan. 1973.

Conditions Governing Access