Bemba (M42), Texts

Scope and Content

(i) Ubulobololo bwakuli ulukasu (Bemba text in exercise book, without translation), 12p. (ii) ImiSANGo iaciUPo kuluBENBa: Marriage customs in Bemba country: Part 1: Ukufialua kuamuana (The birth of a child); part 2: Ifio bakita pakukobekela (What they do at a betrothal) (incomplete), 11p typescript, with explanatory notes. Another version: Imisango-iaciupo kulubemba, 6p typescript, with literal translation (6p typescript) and idiomatic translation (2p typescript) (both incomplete). (iii) Cililaalila (text with glossary and notes) 5p typescript. (iv) Insofu (elephant) (text with parallel literal English translation) typescript. (v) Handwritten list of Bemba sentences, with typed English translation to some, 8p. (vi) Two short Bemba texts with English translation: Part of a village near Mupika; The house of Shimulenga, 3p. (vii) Bemba translation exercise 15: Uluendo makumusumba (A journey to the chief's village), dated Apr. 1946, 5p manuscript, with English translation, 2p typescript. (viii) Bemba sentences, graduating to texts with translation and vocabulary, 59p typescript. (ix) Bemba sentences with English translation to illustrate idio matic usage, 12p manuscript. (x) List of English sentences for translation into Bemba, 24p typescript (incomplete). (xi) Abanakashi ba kuno Africa batungulule nshila (Women path finders) by Maud Mary Senior, published by ALCNR, 12p. (xii)Uwauma nafyala (novel) by Stephen Mpashi, published by Publications Bureau of Lusaka and Blantyre, 1955, 85p.

Conditions Governing Access