Fawkes Boucicault Collection

Scope and Content

The collection is completely catalogued. It contains:

  • BOUC/FAW/BIO : biographical material
  • BOUC/FAW/BOOK : items relating to the published biography
  • BOUC/FAW/CUT : cuttings
  • BOUC/FAW/LET : letters
  • BOUC/FAW/MISC : miscellaneous material
  • BOUC/FAW/PHO : photographs, pictures and illustrations
  • BOUC/FAW/POS : posters and playbills
  • BOUC/FAW/PRG : programmes

Administrative / Biographical History

The biography of Dion Boucicault by Richard Fawkes was published in 1979. This collection of around 750 items was used to underpin the richness of detail and concern for accuracy demonstrated in the biography. Of particular value to the researcher are the meticulously arranged research notes which bring together much other relevant material in photocopy and transcribed form, generally arranged in careful date order. The playbills, programmes, photographs and associated contemporary materials greatly supplement the Victorian and Edwardian Theatre collections at the University of Kent.