Description of the design and construction of the original Lanchester cars, designed 1894, constructed 1895, completed and running 1896, design revised and reconstructed 1897

Scope and Content

These notes were written by George Lanchester and donated to the collection after the rest of the note books. There is a large gap between pages 43 and 44-46, which are at the back of the volume and are upside down.

The notebook starts:

"The original Lanchester car - designed by Frederick William Lanchester [FWL] in 1894. The design was completed in 1895 during that year it was under construction. Most parts were made in FWL's experimental workshop, a small building adjoining TB Barker's Gas Engine works. Components for which FWL had no facilities were made in TBB's factory. The car was completed and finally assembled in Barker's factory and made it's first run with FWL driving and accompanied by me as mechanic, either towards the end of Feb or early March 1896."