Lists I

Scope and Content

I1. descriptive manuals (three only, scarlet cloth); I2. driving manuals (four only, dark green cloth); I3. 'Lanchester Oil Motors' (four only, green paper covers); I4. Lanchester 20-28 h.p. descriptive manual (two only, paper cover) [GHL handwritten at end of entry]; I5. James Forrest lecture, bound in dark green cloth; I6. rise and fall of the French Air Ministry (about ten or more copies); I7. typescript relating to anti. log tables & history; I8 bundle, thus - a drawing of curves, Boys / b the involute gear (Fellows Gear Shaper Co.) / c university of Birmingham, eel worms and spraying, Collinge / d Daimler report Ex. Gen. Meeting [1910?] / e calculations re LL Ltd transformers [GHL handwritten after this line] / f J. Forrest lecture, Fowler / g profession of science, Gergory Huxley and others / h Fage on skin friction / i hydrodynamic theory, Hunsaker / j Hele-shaw (1) V friction clutch (2) stream lines / k l'Aeroplane, Freres Wright, Paris 1908 / l Inst. report, gaseous explosions / m aircraft in warfare (prospectus) / n Curtis flying boat with portrait / o Alexander Prize competition (three versions) / p Lord Rayleigh 'solid bodies through viscous fluids' / q paper by von Karmanon, fluid motion 1911 / r turbulence problem, Shultz (German) 1912 /s Kutts paper of 1910 / t air defence of London (land and water) / u Advisory Committee for Aero., WN Shaw June 1909 / v Soc. of Arts FWL lecture, Cantor lecture 1909 / w Prof. Brian paper by George Bryan, history aeronautics 1901 / x Rayleigh, Wilde lecture on flight 1900 / y Bryan and Williams, longitudinal stability 1903 / z Grande semaine d'aviation (Rheims) August [year?] / aa Journal of Royal Artillery re aircraft, Feb. 1909 / bb Rayleigh paper on the resistance of fluids / cc the problem of the flying machine by GH Brian 5/1907 / dd Runge C., empirical determination of periodic functions / ee Balsius [?] mathematical paper 1907, fluid motion / ff Prandtl, windage on projectiles 1914 / gg Prandtl, on flight technic fluid motion hh Guest JJ, two papers on shear and combined stress / ii Henry Wiggin, wire resistance 1938/39/40 / jj red notebook, wireless etc. calculations FWL.