Copy of agreement between F.W. Lanchester; James Whitfield, and Allan Whitfield; and Charles Vernon Pugh, John Vernon Pugh, and Joseph Samuel Taylor

Scope and Content

This agreement was made about one month before the actual flotation of the Lanchester Company and added further members to the promoting syndicate. The first syndicate formed in 1894 consisted of Lanchester, James Whitfield and Allan Whitfield (and originally T.B. Barker); the second syndicate included the members of the first with the addition of C.V. Pugh, J.V. Pugh, and J.S. Taylor. Certain assets are retained by the first syndicate, and the division of ownership between the members is specified. The additional members bring in new money and division of ownership between the first and second syndicates is specified. Certain Lanchester patents are involved in this agreement, and a schedule at the end lists 20 of his patents (1895 and 1898) concerned with engines and road vehicles.