Typed 'Notes concerning the position of aeronautics in 1908 by F.W. Lanchester when visiting the Continent (Germany and France) September – October of that year'

Scope and Content

A copy was sent to the Royal Aeronautical Society in February 1936 and is in the Society's Library. Topics covered are: meetings with Professor Runge (translator of “Aerial Flight” into German), Lilienthal (a brief note), visit to the factory of Voisin Frères, the Goupy machine, efforts to arrange for a French translation of “Aerial Flight”, the Wright brothers and their machines, H. Farman, details of engines favoured by Voisin. Part of the information gathered on this visit appeared in Lanchester's paper “The Wright and Voisin types of flying machines; a comparison” printed in “The Aeronautical Journal” (Vol. 23, 1989, p.4). The paper was read on 8 December 1908.